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February Celebration 2023

Celebrating Our black history  culture and the February celebration Season  as  its history is called Valentines Day!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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February Celebration Season
Thank you in advance!

the Wacky Mule, a children's book Nov.18,  2020

Episode #25 - Special Guest – Carol Harper, Author, Speaker & Publisher!

Speaker, Mentor & Author of Man at 50!

Dr.James McConnell's The Small Business Network show 3- June 23, 2020

Dr.James McConnell's The Small Business Network. Jun 6, 2020

Dr.James McConnell's The Small Business Network TV 2 August  10, 2020

Dr. James TV Network tvsh.6 Dec. 10, 2020

March Madness 2022

"The Dog That Was" Now on Audiobook & iTunes -1

Carol's Publishing Company Merchandise/Updated website below.

Sneak Peek: The Story of Misfortune & Hardship: to the Road of Triumph

Book: “Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance in the Word"

Carol Harper (Powe)of Carol's Publishing Company on Dr James McConnell's the Small Business Network


New Book Release by Patricia Redifer Honable

Biography of Francis Okechukwu Amadi: Okey is Ok Designers 7; (Author)

CDH Podcasts by Carol Harper Powe

Children's books video-1-10/16/2021


"the Life of a Damaged Person" by Carol D. Harper

New Book Release: the Life That Overcame: the Damaged Life!

Justice For All;:Equality NEW release book and audiobook!!!

Manifestation 2021 # 2

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